51393-069-Prediction of CO2 Corrosion of Carbon Steel

Various aspects of the mechanism of C02 corrosion are reviewed, together with a discussion about the validity of a number of simplifications which can be used with models for predicting the corrosion rate. A "worst case" rate can often be predicted. To this end a number of parameters has been identified, the

influence of which has to be accounted for. The effects of protective corrosion product layers and of dissolved corrosion product on pH needs to be included in the prediction. More quantitative information about the effect of flowpattern and flowrate is needed. For wet gas pipelines, the prediction of the effect of injection of glycol as a measure against corrosion is of special interest. Predictive models consisting of a system of rules and equations can be conveniently developed in computer spreadsheets.


Product Number: 51393-069-SG
Author: C. de Waard, U.Lotz
Publication Date: 1993