Field Evaluation of Cathodic Protection Index for Bare and Coated Steel in Seawater

Polarization measurements were conducted over a 21-year period on bare and coated steel "H" pilings 6 inch by 6 inch by 30 feet (15.2 cm by 15.2 cm by 9.1 m) installed in seawater. A DC power source was used to shift from the corrosion potential of each pile to -0.85V. The amount of potential shift was recorded as 6V. The current (6I) required to shift the potential was measured, and a nonlinear pseudoresistance (6V/6I), called the Cathodic Protection Index (CPI), was calculated. The CPI was compared with the coating condition of the steel pilings as determined visually using ASTM standards. Results of these tests will be presented and discussed.

Product Number: 51393-93528-SG
Author: V. Van Blaricum and A. Kumar
Publication Date: 1993
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