Operational Performance of RTP Flowline at Corrosive Nonassociated Sweet Gas

In alignment with the corporate road map, the Southern Area Gas Producing Facilities (SAGPF) of Saudi Aramco has led an initiative of replacing a traditional carbon steel flow-line with reinforced thermoplastic pipe (RTP) on a trial basis. The candidate flow-line was selected after identifying several metal loss indications via an in-line-Inspection tool. The objective of this experimental pilot was to examine the performance of nonmetallic pipeline for a conventional gas well. It is noteworthy that this trial-test is considered to be the first of its kind in Saudi Aramco —the use of RTP in a permanent flow-line installation at a conventional gas well. This technical paper will primarily discuss several important elements of the project. Firstly, it will highlight an overview on the overall corrosion damage mechanism within the conventional gas wells’ piping network and existing controlling measures. Secondly, it will highlight the advantages of this technology deployment in the oil and gas industry. Additionally, it will discuss the implementation of RTP flow-line installation, in which it will present the construction phase, commissioning, operational performance, and the successful criteria of this trial test.

Product Number: MPWT19-15263
Author: Abdulhadi F. Al-Qahtani
Publication Date: 2019
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