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12th International Corrosion Congress Preceedings -- Individual Volumes

Product Number: 37374
ISBN: 1877914657
Author: September 1993, Houston, Texas

1995 Conference on Corrosion and Infrastructure--Extended Abstracts

Product Number: 37399
ISBN: 1995 Conference
Author: November 28-30, 1995, Baltimore, Maryland

Advances in Corrosion Control and Materials in Oil and Gas Production (European Federation of Corrosion Report No. 26)

Product Number: 38318
ISBN: 9781861250926
Author: Edited by P.S. Jackman and L.M. Smith

Aluminium Alloy Corrosion of Aircraft Structures: Modelling and Simulation

Product Number: 38575
ISBN: 9781845647537
Author: J.A. DeRose, T. Suter, T. Hack, and R. Adey
Publication Date: 2013