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CORROSION/93 Plenary and Keynote Lectures--A 50-Year History of Corrosion Prevention and Control

Product Number: 37362
ISBN: 1877914495
Author: Edited by R.D. Gundry

Electrochemical Approach to Selected Corrosion and Corrosion Control Studies (European Federation of Corrosion Report No. 28)

Product Number: 38330
ISBN: 1861251106
Author: Edited by P.L. Bonora and F. Deflorian

Handbook of Material Weathering, Fourth Edition

Product Number: 38495
ISBN: 9781895198386
Author: By George Wypych
Publication Date: 4th

Handbook of Material Weathering, Second Edition

Product Number: 38315
ISBN: 1895198127
Author: By George Wypych

Handbook of Material Weathering, Third Edition

Product Number: 38392
ISBN: 0815514786
Author: By George Wypych

Handbook of Paint and Coating Raw Materials on CD-ROM—Second Edition

Product Number: 38191
ISBN: 978-1-890595-61-6

High Performance Structures and Materials IV

Product Number: 38506
ISBN: 9781845641061
Author: W.P. De Wilde
Publication Date: 2008

Innovative Pre-Treatment Techniques to Prevent Corrosion of Metallic Surfaces (EFC 54)

Product Number: 38492
ISBN: 9781420066715
Author: By L. Fedrizzi, H. Terryn, and A. Simoes

Mens Long-Sleeved V-Neck Sweater - Bay Blue

Product Number: 60153K